Achieved K mark, Developed Sports and Stadia seating, model HR-2011 and HR-2012 and Supplied 20,000 seats for New Clark City Athletics Stadium, Philippines
Developed 5 (five) Auditorium (Lecture theatre) chairs including model HY-1023 and Installed 13,350 seats at Daegu Civic Stadium, Korea
Installed 1,000 auditorium chairs at Quang Binh, Vietnam, 12,800 seats at Seoul Sports Complex, Korea and 37,155 seats at Yongin Civic Sports Park, Korea
Installed 912 telescopic (retractable) seating at Philippine school Doha, Qatar, 1,680 auditorium chairs at Chung-ang University, Korea and Supplied 14,857 seats for Andong Civic Stadium, Korea
Installed 1,980 auditorium chairs at Korean National Police University, Korea, 2,212 lecture theatre chairs at KBS Sports World, Korea and 948 lecture theatre chairs at KEPCO, Korea and Developed 15 (fifteen) Auditorium (Lecture theatre) chairs including model HY-1038
Installed 20,800 seats at Suwon KT WIZ Park, Korea, 20,000 seats at Sports Coliseum, Philippines, 21,000 seats at Fargona stadium, Uzbekistan, 1,006 auditorium chairs at Cheongju Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Korea, 1,400 theatre chairs at Jungwon Univeristy, Korea and 55,000 seats at Philippine Arena (the world’s largest indoor arena), Philippines and Celebrated 30 years in business
Installed 20,500 seats at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field, Korea and 17,429 seats at Madina, Hrh Moh’d Bin Abdullaziz Stadium, Saudi Arabia and Awarded certificate of Designation of Excellent product
Installed 1,134 lecture theatre chairs and 1,476 telescopic (retractable) seating at Taekwondowon, Korea and 4,600 lecture theatre chairs and 1,080 telescopic (retractable) seating at Wonju Gymnasium, Korea
Achieved K mark and Installed 1,948 auditorium chairs at Blue Square, Korea, 21,149 seats at Seongnam Sports Complex, Korea, 2,018 auditorium chairs at Kwangwoon University, Korea, 2,543 lecture theatre chairs at Global Cyber University, Korea, 1,136 lecture theatre chairs at KCYCLE, Korea and 15,000 seats at SM Bay City Arena, Philippines
Installed 29,314 seats at the Asian Games stadiums, China, 894 telescopic (retractable) seating at United World College (International School), Singapore and 20,000 seats at Kettarama & Hambantota stadiums, Sri Lanka


Installed 26,100 seats at Prince Mohd Bin Fahid Stadium, Saudi Arabia, 24,480 seats at Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Stadium, Saudi Arabia, 22,320 seats at Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium, Saudi Arabia, 12,814 seats at King Abdullah Sport City Stadium, Saudi Arabia and 10,809 seats at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia and Supplied 3,075 education seating for 25 schools to Ministry of Education, Qatar
Installed 30,000 seats at Marina Bay Floating Platform, Singapore, Achieved Certificate of KEITI and Partnered with TAIYUAN HEAVY INDUSTRY RAILWAY TRANSIT EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.
Developed Lecture theatre chairs and Cinema chairs, model HY-1050, HY-1060 and HY-1070 and Celebrated 20 years in business
Achieved Good Design and Developed Auditorium chair model HY-1030 and awarded 3,022 auditorium chairs with same model for Sejong Art Center, Korea
Developed Education seating
Installed 152,500 seats for World cup 2002, Korea & Japan and Purchased 3,400m2 freehold manufacturing facility in Korea
Developed 10 (ten) Stadium seating (seats) for World cup 2002, Korea & Japan and Awarded with ISO 9001:2015
Achieved Guarantee of Quality mark
Awarded Commendation from the Minister of Trade and Industry and Developed Lecture theatre chairs including model HY-970, HY-970D and others
Purchased 2,500m2 freehold manufacturing facility in Korea
Developed Sports and Stadia seating model HC-W and H3-MS